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Bed bugs die at all stages of life from egg to adult when they are exposed to 118 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. The equipment comes with an infrared sensor gun. You point this at all surfaces and it will tell you the temperature. Available for sale are stickers that change color to indicate that 120 degrees has been reached.

 If you can find a professional service that can out price us, they will not be able to match having the equipment at hand for the standard four days. This will allow you to theoretically treat each area in a typical 1-bedroom apartment 10 times! You will have the time to move the equipment throughout your residence and let the heat permeate into walls, under carpet and all hiding places. Not only is renting heat equipment more effective, it is far less expensive.


Bed bugs can nest almost anywhere in your bedroom, from your mattress and box spring to your carpet and baseboards. Most bed bug infestations occur within a few feet of their human blood meal host, like your bed or other furniture. Not to mention, they can hide in crevices as small as nail indentations in your wall. Therefore, bed bugs can be hard to kill. That’s why a bed bug heat treatment is the most effective solution. We recommend treating each effected area for a minimum of 10 hours, this way the heat has the opportunity to permeate areas where bed bugs may hide. Remember to open drawers to let heat get in, lift mattresses and in general open all spaces where bed bugs could hide to allow heat.